Thank you to everyone that attended the 2022 ISCN Conference. The six sessions were informative, collaborative and inspired some great conversations. We welcomed conference registrants from 43 countries across 6 continents.

Our sincere thanks to our session organisers, presenters, and technical support team.

Recordings from each of the sessions can be found using the links below.

1. Sustainability in Higher Education: An Agenda for Transformational Change: A Manifesto for Change and ‘Third-way’ People
2. Radical Reforms for the Campus of the Future
3. Visualizing Societal Impact: Research and Education Dashboards of the Sustainable Development Goals
4. Accelerating Sustainability in Higher Education: Perspectives and Experiences from Latin American Universities
5. How to Report the Transformation in Higher Education for Global Sustainability
6. Embedding Climate Change Education within HEIs

Photo credit: Tom Parkes