The Whole Systems Approach Award is given to an institution that demonstrates the ISCN’s commitment to “embed sustainability in all aspects of the university (governance, operations, learning, research, community”.

It will recognize projects or campus-wide initiatives that represent holistic approaches to campus sustainability planning and management. Campus plans and/or management systems should take into account best practices in large-scale deployment of sustainability technologies, practices and master planning. They should also demonstrate successful integration of sustainability into the culture, community and/or operations of a campus. Example projects may include, but are not limited to, strategic plans, climate action plans, integrating international standards, etc.

The winning project will demonstrate how sustainable campus planning and management can be used to positively impact the campus community, its research activities, the educational mission of the institution, and increase community engagement on or off campus.

Partnerships for Progress

The Partnerships for Progress Award will recognize collaborations that uphold the ISCN’s commitment to engage with external partners, industry, government and civil society to disseminate knowledge, research and best practices to benefit the communities in which we serve.

This award recognizes outstanding projects/collaboration models. Applications should include the type of collaboration, a basic framework, goals, any support for the collaboration and outputs. The winning project will demonstrate an innovative collaboration model that can be replicated, and that enhances community, sustainability awareness, and reduces negative environmental impacts.

Cultural Change for Sustainability

This award is given to an institution that demonstrates the ISCN’s commitment to create an environment that cultivates resilient, empowered, caring and engaged students, staff, and faculty who will contribute to the health of people and places.

This award recognizes outstanding projects or campaigns contributing to the sustainable campus that instill a culture of sustainability into the university’s mission, the educational experience, the residential life, or the local community.

Honorary Member Award

This Award is granted to an institution who is not a member of the ISCN but has demonstrated their commitment to the guiding principles of the ISCN. That is, organizations of research and higher education have a unique role to play in developing the technologies, strategies, citizens, and leaders required for a more sustainable future. Projects may relate to any aspect of sustainability and higher education institutions. Those applying for the Honorary Member Award must demonstrate their commitment to becoming an active and ongoing ISCN member.

Winners of the Honorary Member Award will be granted one year of complimentary ISCN membership. The ISCN Honorary Member Award category is an incentive and pathway for Awardees to become permanent members of the ISCN.