Lausanne 2009

2009 Sustainable Academic and Corporate Campuses

On June 10-12, 2009, the network’s third conference was held in Lausanne. The conference was organized by EPFL and jointly hosted by the ISCN and the Global University Leaders Forum – GULF – of the World Economic Forum.

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ISCN/GULF Conference 2009, June 10-12 in Lausanne, Switzerland

The goal was to encourage broad participation from representatives from academic and corporate organizations in a format that was built upon previous ISCN meetings, and included a one-day leadership track for University Presidents and Corporate Senior Executives.

 ISCN/GULF Conference Summary 2009
 ISCN/GULF Conference Program 2009


89 participants represented 41 universities in 22 countries and 5 continents.
 ISCN/GULF Conference Participants 2009

Conference Sponsor

Foundation “Les Bois Chamblard”

Media presence

Article appeared in Weltexpress about the ISCN Conference 2009 in Lausanne, Dezember 3, 2009 (German)

Conference Presentations and Documents

University and Senior Corporate Leaders Track (Track B)

 Patrick Aebischer, President, EPFL
 Hans B. Püttgen, Director Energy Center, EPFL
 Roland Stulz, Director, Novatlantis
 Yves Loerincik, EcoIntesys
 Ralph Eichler, President, ETH Zurich
 Julie Newman, Yale Office of Sustainability
 Markus Lehni, Environment and Energy Manager, Novartis International
 Joe Mullinix, Deputy President Administration, National University of Singapore
 Summary Working Group I: Award Program
 Summary Working Group II: Charter and Guidelines
 Summary Working Group III: Decision Mechanisms
 Summary Working Group IV: Integration Education, Research and Facilities

Sustainable Campus Professionals and Faculty Track (Track A) Keynotes and Plenary Presentations


 Jean-Louis Scartezzini, Director Solar Energy and Buildings Physics Laboratory EPFL
 Markus Lehni, Environment and Energy Manager, Novartis International

Plenary on Integrating Sustainability in the Institutional Mindset

Marcelo Fernandez, Chancellor, International University of Ecuador
 Christine Bratrich, Director of ETH Sustainability
 Jenny Su, Director Department Environmental & Occupational Health, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Plenary on Planning and Decision Making

 Julie Newman, Yale Office of Sustainability
 Hidetsugu Kobayashi, Chairman Research Committee Urban Planning and Design, Hokkaido University
 Joachim Brünner, Head Corporate Account Management Research & Education, Siemens AG

Plenary on Energy and CO2 Strategies

 Michael Bienias, Director of Estate Management, University of Cambridge
 Bill Odell, HOK design team for KAUST Campus
 Raphael Llamas, Total Environmental Safety, Bunge Europe

Working Group Workshop Presentations

Working Group I: Award Program will be published soon

Working Group II: Charter and Guidelines

 Ariane Koenig, University of Luxembourg
 Bojan Baletic, University of Zagreb
 Marie-Gabrielle Méry, FONDATERRA France

Working Group III: Financial and Decision Mechanisms will be published soon

Working Group IV: Integrating Education, Research and Facilities

 Eddi Omrcen, University of Gothenburg
 Karen K. Oates, U.S. National Science Fondation
 Milena Rafols, Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya
 Clemens Mader, University of Graz
 Juan Reiser, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Networking of Networks Plenary

 AASHE: Steve Mital, University of Oregon
 AAAS: Kaja Brundiers, Arizona State University
 COPERNICUS: Clemens Mader, University of Graz
 Asian Networks: Ann Kildahl, University of Hong Kong