Embedding Climate Change Education within HEIs

Session 6. Embedding Climate Change Education within HEIs

Friday, June 10th, 15:00 – 16:30 British Summer Time (UTC+1)


Over the last decade Climate Change Education (CCE) at universities has increased (Filho et al. 2021; Thew et al., (2021). There is a range of published examples/case studies illustrating how CCE is embedded within certain courses/disciplines (Madden et al., 2018; Molthan-Hill et al., 2019; Kinakh, 2021). There are still challenges in addressing climate change within the teaching practices at universities.

This session seeks to further the debate on:

  • What are the attitudes of teaching staff to CEE, their knowledge of climate change, and inclusion of ‘climate change’ topics in their teaching?
  • What strategies are more effective in educating modern-day students about climate change (e.g., how educators should teach and how undergraduate/postgraduate students might be engaged to learn about climate change and actions that can be taken to mitigate and adapt to climate change)?
  • To assist in embedding CEE in curricula, can the existing strategies, initiatives, case studies, etc. be replicated in universities across the globe, and can challenges to implement CCE be addressed/resolved promptly?

Professor Petra Molthan-Hill PhD, MBA, MDiv, PFHEA is Co-Chair UN PRME Working Group on Climate Change & the Environment and a Professor of Sustainable Management and Education for Sustainable Development at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University. Professor Dave Reay FRSGS is Executive Director of Edinburgh Climate Change Institute , Policy Director of ClimateXChange and Chair in Carbon Management & Education, School of GeoSciences, The University of Edinburgh.

Session organiser



Vitalia Kinakh
Petra Molthan-Hill

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