The Advisory Committee plays a key role by representing the interests of ISCN network members, and developing propositions and recommendations to the ISCN Board on the further development of the ISCN association and on specific initiatives for the network’s programs.

Advisory Committee Members


Members of the Advisory Committee (AC) will have proven experience in advancing sustainability in an academic institution in teaching, research, or campus operations.

  • The AC will consist of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 18 members.
  • Co-Host Academic members are invited to nominate a representative.
  • Mandates are for 2 years and are renewable.


  • Proactively contribute to the Advisory Committee and be a general ambassador of the ISCN.
  • Work with the ISCN Secretariat and Executive Director to provide advice, recommendations, and feedback on strategic initiatives of the network.
  • Advise on network programs and make recommendations to help guide the development of the ISCN and submit to the Board for consideration.
  • Lead or contribute to strategic initiatives for the network (e.g., ISCN Reporting working group, Campus as a Living Lab, ISCN-Latin American Chapter, Global University Climate Forum, COP events, Peer-Exchanges).
  • Meet at least three times annually.