Zurich 2008

2008 Best Practices, Future Challenges

ISCN Conference 2008, April 23-25 in Zurich, Switzerland

On April 23-25, 2008, the network’s second conference was held in Zurich. The aim was to continue our global experience exchange and networking while delving deeper into the topics discussed at last year’s meeting, all the while including discussions on work done over the past months within the network’s four current working groups.

Conference procedings

 2008 ISCN Conference Program
 2008 ISCN Conference Summary

Press release

 2008 ISCN Press release – english
 2008 ISCN Presseerklaerung – deutsch

Plenary presentations, April 23, 2008

 Martha Thorne, Executive Director Pritzker Architecture Prize

Plenary presentations, April 24, 2008


 Michal Crowley, Harvard, USA
 Robert Bland, Cornell University, USA
 Steven Lanou, MIT, USA


 Miquel Barcelo, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain
 Philippe Vollichard, EPFL, Switzerland
 Peter James, HEEPI Network, UK


 Hongwei Tan, Tongji University, China
 Keisuke Hanaki; University of Tokyo, Japan
 Ann Kildahl, University of Hong Kong, China
 Randy Knaflic, Google – Europe, Middle East and Africa

Plenary presentations, April 25, 2008

 Uwe Schneidewind und Clemens Mader, European Network for Sustainable Universities

Working Group I Final Presentation (coming soon)
 2008 ISCN Conference – Working Group II Final Presentation
Working Group III Final Presentation (coming soon)
 2008 ISCN Conference – Working Group IV Final Presentation

Working Group Workshop presentations

Working Group I

 Peter James, HEEPI Network, UK
 Siegenthaler / Kasemir, HOSEI / sutainserve, Japan / Switzerland

Working Group II

 Ariane Koenig, University Luxembourg
 Markus Kunz, ETHZ, Switzerland
 Niko Heeren, ETHZ, Switzerland

Working Group III

 Erika Meins, CCRS, Switzerland
 Martine Bintner, ULB, Belgium
 Steve Mital, University of Oregon, USA
 Dieter Genske, ETHZ, Switzerland

Working Group IV

 Catharina Ehrlich, KTH, Sweden
 Clemens Mader, University of Graz, Austria
 Eddie Omrcen, University of Gotheburg, Sweden
 Juan Reiser, PUCP, Peru
 Lundquist / Brundiers, KTH / seed sustainability, Sweeden / Switzerland
 Niels Rot, oikos, Switzerland
 Martin Räber, Partner, EarthEffect


About 70 decision makers regarding sustainable campus development and professional experts responsible for sustainable construction and energy issues at major campus sites worldwide.

 2008 ISCN Conference – List of participants

Conference Sponsors

ETH Board, ETH Zurich, City of Zurich