The ISCN Sustainable Campus Charter 2018 reflects the guiding principles of the ISCN, that is, that organizations of research and higher education have a unique role to play in developing the technologies, strategies, citizens, and leaders required for a more sustainable future.

Since the global sustainability landscape has changed significantly since 2009, an update to our guiding document was imperative in order to continue to evolve as a network. It now also reflects major international developments such as the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The 2018 Charter was developed with broad member engagement and collective action.  We received feedback through surveys and in-person sessions from member institutions in over 27 countries.

The 2018 Charter outlines a common vision, that ISCN members will use their shared capacity, passion, and intellectual capital to re-envision the future and take meaningful action to contribute to sustainable development.

Signatories to the Charter commit to follow and support five calls to action:

A. Institutional Leadership

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Embed sustainability in all aspects of the university (governance, operations, learning, research, community)

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Create an environment that cultivates resilient, empowered, caring and engaged students, staff, and faculty who will contribute to the health of people and places.

Engage with external partners, industry, government and civil society to disseminate knowledge, research and best practices to benefit the communities in which we serve.

B. Network Collaboration

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Deepen and broaden the collaboration that happens between members of the network to accelerate collective action.

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Ensure that the network is significantly inspiring international dialogue and debate to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.