Visualizing Societal Impact: Research and Education Dashboards of the Sustainable Development Goals

Session 3. Visualizing Societal Impact: Research and Education Dashboards of the Sustainable Development Goals

Wednesday, June 8th, 15:00 – 16:00 Central European Time (UTC+2)

How can you make the impact of the university on the SDGs visible? In collaboration with the Aurora Alliance, VU has developed an SDG research dashboard that demonstrates the societal relevance and societal impact of research. This dashboard shows the research contributions to these societal challenges, and how policymakers have used the research available to tackle these challenges.

Additionally, VU has also developed an SDG inventory of VU courses. There, students can see what SDG courses the university has to offer. During the session, we will present how the development of the dashboard was approached and what the next steps are.

Session organisers


Neele van den Bongardt & Ivar Maas

Relevant Links


SDG Label Suggestion Tool for research
With combined method of Elsevier SDG queries 2021 and Aurora SDG AI, as well as both methods separately

Survey data validation process
You can download the survey data at this link

Information about improvement process
Go To SDG text analysis dashboard

Aurora Working Group: WP5.1 | Deliverables |  SDG Research Dashboard

All data
All data to improve the queries, survey data, text analysis data and queries can be found for free on Zenodo

Evaluation on accuracy of mapping science to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Aurora SDG queries
By Schmidt, Felix;  Vanderfeesten, Maurice

Whitepaper Societal Relevant Impact : Potential analysis for Aurora-Network university leaders to strengthen collaboration on societal challenges
By Maurice Vanderfeesten; René Otten



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