Stockolm, Sweden, ISCN Conference 2018. Sustainable Development: Acting with Purpose, International Sustainable Campus Network

UPDATE: We are presently at registraiton and venue capacity for the conference. As of Monday, 30 April, we will be placing people on a wait list.


We are delighted to announce that ISCN 2018, our 12th annual conference, will be hosted by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden!

Since its founding in 1827, KTH Royal Institute of Technology has grown to become one of Europe’s leading technical and engineering universities, as well as a key center of intellectual talent and innovation. KTH is Sweden’s largest technical research and learning institution and home to students, researchers and faculty from around the world dedicated to advancing knowledge.


Higher Education Institutions have a unique role and responsibility for the future and for driving the development of a sustainable society. HEI’s are charged with the task of fostering sustainability in the leaders of tomorrow, developing solutions and methods to address a sustainable future and ensuring that we contribute knowledge to society. HEI’s must also ensure that our everyday operations and practices are consistent with a sustainable future and we work to holistically integrate sustainability into mission of the university and our daily tasks.


The aim of the 2018 ISCN Conference is to emphasize the current and future role of Higher Education Institutions for sustainable development. This includes education, research, collaboration and operations and facilities.

This year we are taking a new approach to curating content for the conference –we will both curate sessions and crowdsource your ideas to provide the opportunity for your projects to be highlighted. Through active participation and engagement more ISCN members and guests will contribute to the sharing of knowledge, culture, models and methods to further advance our commitment to the development of sustainability.  The benefits of sharing experiences will build and expand relationships and networks of experts within ISCN and encourage continuing exchanges throughout the year.


Participants will be invited to submit abstracts for two pathways (note: the same topic/abstract may be submitted for both pathways):

  1. Conference participation – A selection of papers for oral, poster and workshop presentations will be made. A committee for this and a review system is required. Presented abstracts will be published. KTH will arrange for an abstract management system.
  2. Journal special issue – There are also plans for a special issue in a peer reviewed journal in connection to the conference. Presenters at the conference are welcome to submit full papers directly to the journal. Peer review will be handled by the journal.

We want to hear about your projects!  Possible topics for abstract submission include, but are not limited to:

  1. Promoting education for sustainable development
  2. Promoting research for sustainable development
  3. Implementing the SDGs on campus
  4. Collaboration and knowledge sharing
    • Student engagement
    • Strategic partnerships for societal impact
  5. Sustainable meeting solutions: Examples of how Higher Education Institutes reduce their own impacts using mediated reality and technology for travel-free meetings?
  6. Gender, Diversity and Representation: Higher Education Institutes and Sustainable Development
  7. The role of investment in supporting Sustainable Development
  8. Campus operations, Campus Facilities and Campus development
  9. Campus as Living Lab – education, research and collaboration in campus projects
  10. Challenge driven education for global sustainable development
  11. Incentives for integrating Sustainable Development in Higher Education Institutes- including Major university excellence ranking and rating organizations.

Start preparing your project idea and abstract now!  The call for abstracts will be announced soon.  Please note that any project submitted via abstract may also be submitted to be considered for an ISCN Sustainable Campus Excellence Award if it meets the award criteria.