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MIT-PUCP-ISCN Sustainability Fellows Exchange: “Leveraging Sustainable Office Implementation for ISCN Latin American Members”

Photo: [Left to right] Steve Lanou [MIT], Hector Miranda [Sustainable Development Advisor at PUCP], Julie Newman [MIT], Brian Goldberg [MIT], Jose Kanematsu [Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru], Rebecca Fowler [MIT], Susy Jones…

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TU Delft: City-University

This project aims to extend the work of ISCN members with relation to their cities, to create an inventory and organize a knowledge exchange on partnerships between cities and universities, such as that which is now currently being done in…

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Universite Libre Bruxelles: Peer Exchange

Universite Libre Bruxelles (ULB) is integrating sustainability teaching at the level of the whole institution so that all students have the opportunity to understand, systemically, sustainability challenges before leaving university. To…

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City-University Partnerships / Metropolitan solutions

Workshop Report Towards an externally funded ISCN Community of Practice Sao Paolo, June 14, 2019 Participants/co-authors: Participants/co-authors: Chanita Rukspollmuang, [email protected] Pranisa Boonkham, [email protected]

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University of Edinburgh and Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile: Ambassador Mentorship

The aim of this project is to support Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile’s ambition to become a leading institution in social responsibility and sustainability within the Latin American region through a program of peer-to-peer…

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University College Cork Climate and National University of Columbia: Peer Exchange/Ambassador Mentorship

UCC has been working with the National University of Colombia (UNAL) for the past two years to develop Capacity Building for Sustainable Universities and Campuses in Colombia. UCC will mentor UNAL in implementing the program and seeking…

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Yale University and Fundación Universitaria Católica Lumen Gentium: Ambassador Mentorship

This project will support a mentorship relationship between Yale University and Fundación Universitaria Católica Lumen Gentium (Unicatolica) in order to connect Unicatolica to regional and global contexts. The project will enhance student…

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Harvard University & ETH Zürich: Peer exchange

This project will help support the development of the ISCN peer exchange program, documenting lessons learned and recommended guiding principles based on a peer exchange case study with Harvard and ETH Zurich

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