Awards 2023

The International Sustainable Campus Network is excited to announce the winners of the 2023 ISCN Excellence Awards. These awards recognize outstanding achievements in sustainability within higher education institutions, and honor projects and initiatives that have made significant contributions to the global sustainability landscape.

Category: Whole Systems Approach
Winner: Nanyang Technological University
Project: NTU’s Whole Systems Approach to Sustainable Campus Infrastructure

Category: Partnerships for Progress
Winner: Osaka University
Project: Osaka University’s Partnership Towards a Shared, Sustainable Campus

Category: Cultural Change for Sustainability
Winner: Concordia University
Project: Concordia University’s Cultural Change for a Sustainable Campus Community

Category: Honorary Member Award
Winner: VinUniversity
Project: VinUniversity’s Innovative and Equitable Approach to Healthcare

See full details on our 2023 Award winners and our 2023 Excellence Awards Jury.