Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola joins the ISCN!

We are thrilled to formally welcome Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola into the ISCN!

Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL) is a private university located in Lima, Peru. Its Undergraduate Programme consists of 8 faculties and 37 careers, and also has a Graduate Programme. USIL has a strong focus on entrepreneurship and hospitality management, consistent with its mission statement, which is to shape competent entrepreneurial professionals who are socially responsible and capable of performing successfully, both domestically and internationally.

Sustainability is one of the four Institucional pillar in USIL and its practice is implemented by the Vice Presidency of Corporate Sustainability (VPCS) through its Sustainable Campus Program. The main objective of the VPCS is to manage USIL´s social, environmental and economic performance of all its operations and providing a quality educational service, through the training of citizens capable of proposing innovative solutions for the sustainable development of Peru and the world.

For more information on sustainability at USIL, please visit: http://sostenibilidad.usil.edu.pe/index.php.

“We are delighted to welcome Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola into the ISCN and look forward to providing a platform for international value exchange and partnership on campus sustainability” says Bernd Kasemir, Secretary of the ISCN Board.

For more information on the ISCN, please visit: https://international-sustainable-campus-network.org/

For inquiries, please email: [email protected]

The University of Melbourne publishes 2018 Sustainability Report

The University of Melbourne (24 June 2019). 2018 Sustainability Report Released. Retrieved from https://sustainablecampus.unimelb.edu.au/sustainability-commitment/news/2018-sustainability-report-released.

2018 Sustainability Report Released

The Report demonstrates our progress and identifies challenges in delivering the University's strong commitment in sustainability.

This report marks a significant point in time, being half way through the Sustainability Plan period 2017 to 2020. It’s an opportunity to reflect on how we can best apply our resources and expertise to address the challenges of environmental sustainability.

The report identifies the University’s major sustainability impacts and how we’re addressing them, highlights a diversity of case studies illustrating the breadth of activities, and assesses our Plan performance, informing our efforts to the end of 2020.


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ISCN 2019 Sustainable Campus Excellence Award Winners Announced!

Friday, 21 June 2019

São Paulo, Brazil 

Higher education is an exciting and growing area for sustainability, with many opportunities to reduce impact through innovation and leadership.  For this reason, top-tier universities from across the world have joined forces through the https://international-sustainable-campus-network.org/ ), to incorporate sustainability in their teaching, research, and campus operations.

Every year the ISCN conference brings together thought leaders, practitioners and change agents for a unique opportunity to exchange perspectives and form global partnerships in pursuit of sustainability. This year, the University of São Paulo hosted the ISCN 2019 Conference, Partnerships for Progress and welcomed registrants from universities and higher-education organizations across the world.

The aim of the 2019 ISCN Conference was to emphasize the power that collaborative partnerships can have in the role HEIs play in progressing sustainable development. This included discussions around education, research, collaboration and operations and facilities for sustainable development.

One of the most anticipated events at ISCN 2019 was the eleventh annual ISCN Sustainable Campus Excellence Award Ceremony on 13 June 2019 in São Paulo. These awards recognize landmark projects that demonstrate how the environmental, social and economic issues of our time provide opportunities for university administrations and faculty alike to improve campus infrastructures and university administration and recognize opportunities to integrate them into their research and learning activities.

The awards for this year included the Whole Systems Approach Award, the Partnerships for Progress Award, the Cultural Change for Sustainability Award, and the Honorary Member Award.

The winners of the 2019 ISCN Sustainable Campus Excellence Awards are:

  • Whole Systems Approach Award:  University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Partnerships for Progress Award: University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Cultural Change for Sustainability Award: Yale University, United States
  • Honorary Member Award: CETYS University, Mexico

“Recognizing that we changed our award categories this year to better reflect our updated ISCN Charter, it was so affirming and inspiring to see the quality of submissions that we received. The award winners demonstrate outstanding leadership for sustainability in higher education and we are thrilled to showcase their work and highlight the global importance of their contributions” said Victoria Smith, interim Executive Director of the ISCN.


About the ISCN:

The ISCN provides a global forum for universities pursuing sustainability across their educational and research missions, and operations. ISCN Members commit to sustainability principles according to the ISCN Sustainable Campus Charter. Founded in 2007, the ISCN features international awards, conferences, and working groups to promote best practice exchange. More information on the ISCN and its Members can be found at https://international-sustainable-campus-network.org/

ISCN Contact:

Heather Vickery
ISCN Network Relations Manager
c/o Sustainserv, Inc.
31 State Street, 10th floor
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