Excellence in Building

University of British Columbia

LEED Platinum Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS)

The CIRS project demonstrates an integrated approach and use.  The building infrastructure and the process of planning, designing, building and operating of the facility are part of the research agenda of CIRS.

Excellence in Campus

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH Campus Plan 2014

The KTH plan is a strategic tool for sustainable campus development. The plan sets the direction for further development of the KTH Campus in a sustainable manner encompassing all perspectives of sustainability, and including: A Masterplan – The planning span of the plan is 15-20 years; An action plan – The output of the plan is a list of 33 concrete projects to be conducted within 5 years.

Excellence in Integration

Nanyang Technological University


NTU has set a bold vision to make their campus the greenest in the world. The EcoCampus initiative at NTU enfolds this vision into a practical action plan of an integrated approach to urban sustainability in the tropics, which combines research, demonstration and commercialization through industry collaboration.  The EcoCampus initiative was officially launched in April 2014 along with public sector agency support and industry collaborators.

Excellence in Student Leadership

Freie Universitat Berlin


SUSTAIN IT! is a joint initiative of students from different faculties and researchers of the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) as well as administrative staff of the Unit for Sustainability and Energy that act as a team to initiate dialogue and participative projects and involve stakeholders across the campus. This initiative creates interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary exchange for a sustainable university.