Category: Excellence in Building

Shandong Jiaotong University

Low Cost of Green Library Building 

Shandong Jiaotong University’s library is a green building located in Jinan city in the Shandong province. Many methods were adopted to adapt to the climate and achieve a comfortable environment with low initial investment and operational costs.

A number of energy-saving measures have been implemented, including design considerations such as effective sun shading, natural ventilation and lighting, and a green roof garden. 80% of the building materials used local products, reducing transportation energy consumption.

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Excellence in Campus

University of Gothenburg

Climate Strategy 2010 – 2015 

The University of Gothenburg’s Climate Strategy objective is to reduce total carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2015 by at least 20 percent compared with 2008 levels. The University of Gothenburg also aims to reduce total energy usage by 10 per cent for the same period. This is being achieved mainly through energy efficiency measures, and by adapting business travel in line with climatic and environmental considerations.

By the end of 2013 the target was almost reached with a reduction of total carbon emissions by 19 per cent as compared to the baseline year 2008. Total energy use is reduced by 15 per cent, excessing the 10 per cent goal. For 2013 as compared to 2012, energy usage was reduced by 7 per cent giving economic savings equivalent to 430 000 euros or almost 600 000 US dollars, and a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 3 per cent.

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Excellence in Integration

University of Washington

Integrating Sustainability 

Sustainability is a significant part of the University of Washington’s educational mission, due in large part to student demand, engagement and activism.

The Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability office coordinates information and activities across the University to facilitate initiatives within three campus locations, medical centers and auxiliaries. The office was also established to raise university-wide visibility for sustainability. To improve access of information to all stakeholders, this office tracks and communicates about sustainability metrics, conservation programs and initiatives. Through centralization, this approach mitigates institutional risk through coordinating dialogue and building consensus for strategic planning.

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Excellence in Student Leadership

University of Exeter

Students’ Green Unit 

The Students’ Green Unit bridges the gap between student action and academic research leading to lasting change in the environmental and ethical sustainability of the University, our community and the wider world. Our approach is simple, we embed student leadership in the governance of our sustainability agendas and bring students together with staff to implement solutions to sustainability grand challenges drawn from academic research via projects supported and funded by the Students’ Green Unit.

The Unit has five strands; operations, education, research, community and student activity and employability. Mentored by staff and supported by interns, students will develop and deliver sustainability projects across the University’s campuses and in the community. Furthermore, by engaging students to lead the establishment of a joint strategy sustainability strategy our projects will leave a lasting legacy.