Excellence in Building and Innovative Infrastructure

National University of Singapore (NUS)

University Town

U-Town is described as a sandbox for sustainability practices. Designed as a “work-live-play” sustainably built precinct, it is home to about 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students, staff and researchers. It has four residential colleges and one student residence, an education resource center, a sports facility and a research and development complex. It is a first-of-its kind precinct to integrate natural and mixed mode ventilation at this scale in a tropical climate, is certified as a Singapore Building and Construction Authority Green Mark district and has resulted in almost 3.8 million kWh of electricity savings when compared to traditionally built campuses.



Excellence in Campus Planning and Management Systems

University of Applied Sciences Trier

Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

What started as a former US Military Hospital, has now, over 24 years later, become a state-of-the-art campus combining solar energy systems and innovative buildings where international study programs are offered and research institutes are located. By embodying the values that they teach, the University of Applied Sciences Trier is able to educate their students in how to be responsible and innovative members of the global community. They have implemented life cycle thinking into the campus and these principles are integrated into the educational programming for the students. They live and learn on a campus that is truly a living laboratory.



Excellence in Innovative Collaboration

Swarthmore College

Carbon Pricing at Swarthmore College

Swarthmore College talks about Changing Lives and Changing the World, and this project shows one way that they are doing just that. Carbon pricing is a hot area of discussion around the world these days, but only a few institutions have figured out how to do so in a way that really works. Carbon pricing is a way to make clean energy more competitive by ensuring that the real, full cost of carbon emissions are included in energy pricing. Swarthmore has not only adopted an approach to carbon pricing through an internal carbon charge, but has also committed to advocating for such a scheme at the national level.



Excellence in Student Leadership

Chiba University

Student-led Environmental Management System

Established all the way back in 2003, the student EMS committee has led the charge at Chiba for the University and its campuses to have certification according to the ISO14001 guidelines. As part of the whole Plan-Do-Check-Act process that is central to the ISO framework, this student group participates in creating and executing action plans for setting targets, monitoring and measurement, performing internal audits, and working with external auditors. In addition to the formal certification/EMS work, the student group also supports awareness and educational activities and charity work in Japan. They also prepare the University’s annual environmental report.