Excellence in Campus

University of São Paulo

USP Environmental Plan

The University of Sao Paulo (USP) is the largest and most prestigious university in South America with a population of nearly 150,000 people. Almost twenty years ago, USP started its actions in the area of sustainability and reductions of their environmental impacts, but about two years ago it initiated a comprehensive Sustainability Management Plan.



Excellence in Innovative Collaboration

University of Oxford

The Carbon Innovation Programme

The Carbon Innovation Programme established multidisciplinary teams of staff and students to work collaboratively to identify new innovative ideas to help reduce carbon emissions across the University. This programme, and the resulting projects, will support the University’s Carbon Management Strategy and help the University to achieve its ambitious target of reducing carbon emissions by 33% by 2020/21 from a 2005/6 baseline.




Excellence in Student Leadership

Sustainability Week at the five universities in Zurich

Sustainability Week

The Nachhaltigkeitswoche (Sustainability Week) is the largest student run sustainability program in Switzerland. It is now in its fourth year and organised voluntarily by over 60 students from 5 universities with over 55, 000 students in Zurich. Over the past three years the Nachhaltigkeitswoche has not only inspired over 7,000 visitors and held over 100 events but successfully contributed to concrete sustainability outcomes at the universities.



2016 ISCN Award Finalists

Campus Planning and Management Systems

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EPFL: 10 Years of Sustainable Mobility

Innovative Collaboration

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Student Leadership

ELTE: Together for Environmental Awareness

UBC: Sustainability Ambassadors