Strategic Sustainability for Change


Date: May 23, 2023

10-11:15am Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)

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Details: This is the final webinar based on the recently released “Bloomsbury Handbook of Sustainability in Higher Education: An Agenda for Transformational Change edited by Wendy M. Purcell and Janet Haddock-Fraser.

The handbook shows that higher education is essential to transformative change for sustainability and delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals. Part One focuses on sustainability as a driver of change within higher education institutions (HEIs), while Part Two examines how HEIs’ sustainability agenda influences and amplifies change beyond the institution. Cases include Aruba, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Lebanon, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, Uganda, UK, and the USA.

This session will explore ways sustainability can be adopted at a strategic level using different lenses. For example, the pursuit of research and academic excellence, or an institutional focus on the betterment of community and society at large. It will highlight the importance of leadership at all levels and the time it takes to effect true transformational change in higher education fueled by sustainability.

Speakers at this session are:

Organised by ISCN and Professor Wendy M. Purcell PhD FRSA, Professor at Rutgers University and Affiliated Research Scientist, Harvard University.


The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sustainability in Higher Education: An Agenda for Transformational Change: Wendy M. Purcell: Bloomsbury Academic


Photo credit: Strategy by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images