McGill University releases Sustainable Travel Guide

McGill University has released a new Sustainable Travel Guide to provide guidance for McGill travellers—students, staff, and faculty—on how to factor sustainability into travel decisions, from determining whether travel is necessary, to choosing the best mode of transport or reducing impact upon arrival. It was produced by the McGill Office of Sustainability, in Montreal, Canada, with the expertise of its Climate Officer Divya Sharma.

Travelling sustainably means considering present and future environmental, social, and economic impacts of travel. By reducing emissions of business-related travel, McGill community members contribute to the University’s long-term target to achieve carbon neutrality (net zero emissions) by 2040.

The Sustainable Travel Guide, designed as a checklist, guides readers through four questions that push them to think about how they choose to travel:

  1. Do I need to travel?
  2. Can I travel sustainably?
  3. Can I choose sustainable accommodations?
  4. Can I reduce my environmental impact further?

Throughout, the guide presents various options depending on the traveller’s needs, whether they are travelling locally or internationally, if they are able to bundle trips or reduce the number of travellers, and more.

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