ISCN establishes partnership with the Earth Day Network

As part of its strategic priorities, ISCN is actively working to:

  1. Enhance member value through robust exchange and engagement platforms
  2. Elevate ISCN’s presence with key peer networks, agencies and funders
  3. Mobilize the network around key themes/projects to focus activities, and to
  4. Increase student involvement with the network

In line with this priorities, ISCN has established a collaborative partnership with  the Earth Day Network.

For more information on the Earth Day Network and their current global campaign, Mobilize U,  please refer to the text below.

MobilizeU, Earth Day Network

Colleges and universities have been the central figures of Earth Day since its beginning in 1970. The higher education community is pivotal in creating the next generation of environmental leaders needed to protect our planet. Earth Day Network’s ever-growing international network of universities and students are creating change on their local campuses; through the MobilizeU campaign their voices are united and amplified, forming a global call for action that cannot be ignored.

There are 3 main ways to contribute to the collective impact on April 22nd, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

  1. By organizing Earth Day teach-ins, forums, and cleanups and, most importantly, registering them on our global map, your campus can join thousands of others around the world standing up for our planet and empowering students to further this mission.
  2. The innovation and organizing capacity of your students cannot be underrated. Encourage your passionate students to register as the MobilizeU Ambassador for your campus. These students will receive the support and tools they need to lead their peers in activism on Earth Day.
  3. Finally, join the MobilizeU Newsletter to stay updated with resources, opportunities and tips for universities to make the most impact on Earth Day.