VinUniversity is a private, not-for-profit university established by Vingroup – the largest private conglomerate in Vietnam. VinUni aspires to become a university of excellence with a mission to develop talents for the future. Situated in the 420-hectare sprawling Vinhomes Ocean Park, Hanoi, Vietnam, our expansive 23-hectare campus is meticulously designed with a mere 16% building density, covering 84% of our campus area with green tree. This intentional layout fosters an environment conducive to self-directed and collaborative learning, peaceful introspection, and appreciation of inspirational beauty.

In just 3 years of operation since our establishment in 2020, VinUni has proudly become the youngest university in the Asia-Pacific region to receive a 5-star QS rating in seven criteria, notably achieving a 5-star rating for our Facility Campus. Our commitment to sustainability is exemplified by our use of a solar energy system.

VinUni is unwavering in its dedication to constructing a green campus that optimizes costs and upholds social responsibility. Central to this commitment is the establishment of cutting-edge research facilities that serve as a technology hub, fostering innovation and connecting experts worldwide to collaboratively address global sustainable development challenges. The Center for Environmental Innovation (CEI), at the forefront of advanced technology and interdisciplinary research, tackles urgent environmental issues and empowers informed decision-making to adapt to climate change. Through the integration of technology, social sciences, digital materials, and sustainable energy, we aim to drive transformative solutions for a sustainable future.

Furthermore, we instil a sense of social responsibility in every student, with an expectation to complete 45 hours of community service volunteering throughout their academic journey. VinUni organizes unique annual events such as the Water Conservation Program, Recycling Program, Green Sport Day, and Earth Day, fostering a culture of environmental consciousness and social engagement.

At VinUniversity, sustainability is not just a goal; it is a way of life. We are proud to contribute to a brighter, greener future through education, research, and active community involvement.

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