From Culture To Sustainable Practices webinar recap

On June 29, 2022, the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) and the Tecnologico de Monterrey joined forces for the first workshop organized and promoted by the ISCN Latin American Chapter: “From Culture to Practice of Sustainability. Practices and experiences from Latin American Universities”.

Zinia Padilla of Tecnologico de Monterrey presented a report on the first year of the Culture component of the Ruta Azul. Plan de Cambio Climatico 2025 (2025 Sustainability And Climate Change Plan), an integrated plan built on five key components: Culture of Sustainability, Mitigation, Adaptation, Education, Research, and Outreach. Zinia outlined the challenges to go beyond a general familiarization of the public but rather to insert new knowledge and break paradigms through education, tutoring, and training.

One of our biggest challenges is to provide change management tools, so that the initiatives and activities that arise are in collaboration with the other axes of the project.

Nancy Merary from Campus Morelos of UNAM introduced the Programa Manejo Integral de Residuos Solidos Universitarios con Enfoque Basura Cero (Zero Waste Management Program) as a specific commitment of the university to transform public practices, improve management systems, reduce waste impact, and retrieve subproducts for a more effective recycling chain.

We want to be an example of commitment to the environment. Likewise, we are interested in dignifying and modernizing the management system of campus waste. Unfortunately, the latter is denigrating and precarious for the workers in many other university spaces since it does not grant an actual management of our waste.

The full session recording in Spanish is available on the COUS UNAM YouTube channel: