Climate neutrality for universities: invitation to share

Eddi Omrcen, sustainability strategist at University of Gothenburg, is assisting with a student masters thesis project in collaboration with the university’s Environmental Management team.

The goal of the thesis project is to investigate and evaluate opportunities for the University of Gothenburg to become climate neutral, as well as consequences and repercussions that may follow.

  • What are the implications for University of Gothenburg if it were to attain climate neutrality?
  • What challenges and outcomes would there be for the University of Gothenburg?

The project includes a benchmarking exercise to identify and learn from other universities that are struggling with the same challenge and that have initiated work or processes to become climate neutral.

The results from the thesis will be shared amongst the participating universities and in the ISCN network.

If you are interested to participate and exchange experiences, please email Eddi Omrcen [email protected] with:

  1. Information and/or documents on your climate targets and ambitions.
  2. A contact person at your university that is responsible for the process.