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King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi is an engineering and technology academy in Thailand, focusing on teaching, researching as well as serving industry. It is located in Thung Khru district, Bangkok and was founded on April 18, 1960.

Sustainability is one of the major challenges of current and future generation of students & staff KMUTT plan to educate our students and encourage them to learn outside classroom and transform its campuses to be an ideal environment for developing awareness and innovative solutions to relevant problems that will improve the world for current and future generations. KMUTT has a responsibility to contribute the national sustainability agenda and to promote the development of sustainability leadership on our campus. The University has an additional responsibility to encourage our students to do their part to protect environment and natural systems. KMUTT committs to environmental leadership in all of our activities from operations, teaching, to conducting research. Our commitments are to be a Green University providing a role model on energy, environment, Safety Management Systems, promoting the application of all these activities within the university, to encourage our students and colleagues to become change agents for helping the community and society to achieve a better quality of life through the adoption of good energy, environment and safety management systems, and to strive for continual improvement and sustainability for all.

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