The Advisory Committee is comprised of up to 20 members elected by the ISCN network member universities and one representative per ISCN co-host member university.

The Advisory Committee plays a key role by representing the interests of ISCN network members, and developing propositions and recommendations to the ISCN Board on the further development of the ISCN association and on specific initiatives for the network’s programs.

Advisory Committee Members

Serving a 2-Year Term - 2018-2020

Serving a 3-Year Term - 2018-2021

Composition and Responsibilities

  • Elected by ISCN Members
  • Comprised of representatives of ISCN member institutions
  • Serve 2-year terms, staggered.
  • Advise on network programs, develop propositions and recommendations on the development of the ISCN association and on specific initiatives. These propositions and recommendations are submitted to the Board for possible actions and decisions.
  • Meet at least three times annually (virtually) with one meeting being a “general meeting” at the annual ISCN conference.
  • Proactively contribute to the Advisory Committee. We ask that those who accept the role as an Advisory Committee member attend at least two meetings (virtually or in person) and/or express feedback via email or other electronic means if that is the most appropriate.
  • Work with the ISCN Secretariat and Executive Director to provide advice, recommendations, feedback, etc. on ISCN programming
  • Be a general ambassador of the ISCN