National Taiwan University (NTU) was founded in 1928 during Japanese rule as the seventh of the Imperial Universities. Currently, it is the top-ranking national comprehensive public research university in Taipei, Taiwan. NTU, sprawling across multiple campuses, including the Highland Experimental Farm and Experimental Forest, spans an impressive 34,152 hectares. With 16 colleges, 30,000+ students, and over 50 university-level research centers, NTU offers an extensive range of courses across science, arts, and the humanities, with up to 8,000 courses available each semester.

Beyond academic pursuits, we actively contribute to positive social change through University Social Responsibility Projects aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A research team from the Department of Agronomy collaborates with the local indigenous community to re-cultivate native millet species, hoping to revitalize the millet industry and the culture of the Bunun people. Another research team from the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Program assists townships in setting up micro-climate sensors, helping communities build climate resilience capacity. At the heart of NTU’s mission is a commitment to academic excellence and societal enhancement.

In 2021, NTU took a significant step by establishing the Office of Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Promotion Committee, orchestrating on-campus sustainable governance initiatives. Our ambitious goal is to achieve 50% carbon neutrality by 2028 and attain full carbon neutrality by 2048.

To address the urgent need for sustainable practices, NTU has developed a toolkit for University Campus Sustainability Governance tailored to the unique circumstances in Taiwan. Collaborating with eight other higher education institutions, NTU spearheaded the establishment of the Taiwan University Alliance for Sustainable Governance in 2022, resonating with the ISCN sustainable campus charter.

NTU places a strong emphasis on empowering our students to be catalysts for change. Creative competitions are organized to inspire students to devise sustainable solutions and take proactive actions. Through these initiatives, we aim to foster a community that values and contributes to SDGs.

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