At Aalborg University (AAU) we aim to create knowledge for the world and have a mission-oriented approach to solving the global societal challenges such as creating a sustainable energy system, improving wellbeing among children and youth, and building a more sustainable future.

Our search for knowledge always begins and ends in conjunction with the world around us, with real problems in mind. We define and take part in missions that help solve those challenges and achieve sustainable solutions. These missions are the driving force behind our work.

Moreover, AAU has a strong tradition for:

  1. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) which facilitates interdisciplinary practise supporting problem-solving.
  2. Creating impact through close collaboration with external partners and society at large.

AAU is committed to sustainability across research, education, and campus operations. The university has developed a state-of-the-art assessment approach for sustainability assessment and a GHG climate account model for AAU emissions.

Aalborg University is a comprehensive university located in Denmark, and has +17,700 students and +3,700 employees. In 2024, AAU celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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