The call for nominations for the ISCN Awards 2020 closed on the 4th March 2020. Applications are now under review by the Awards Jury.

The ISCN Award Jury is comprised of 2019 ISCN Award winners and select ISCN members to ensure representation of the ISCN’s global membership.

Jury members include:

  • Manfred Braune, Cape Town University (Africa)
  • Kelly Forster, University of Leeds (Europe)
  • Melissa Goodall, Yale University (Americas)
  • Joy Lam, Hong Kong University (Asia)
  • Emilio Latorre, Universidad Católica Lumen Gentium (Americas)
  • Clare Walker, the University of Melbourne (Australia)

Applicants will be informed of the outcome at the end of March. The Awards organizers will coordinate with the winners for their presentation and commendation during the Awards Ceremony.

The Award Ceremony is part of the ISCN 2020 Conference hosted by EPFL, Lausanne June 24-26, 2020.